Delivering future-proof
enterprise software for
innovative businesses
and ecosystems


Delivering future-proof
enterprise software for
innovative businesses
and ecosystems

NOUMENA is developing the technology to build next-generation distributed enterprise software. The NOUMENA platform is the foundation of a new software development paradigm allowing clients to digitalize and automate complex multiparty processes, to accelerate innovation through construction of innovative ecosystem business models.


NOUMENA’s advanced
infrastructure technology

Powerful Operating

Distributable, encryption, automatic messaging, ecosystem-ready

Smart Protocol

Advanced smart contract language, object oriented, complex multi-party business logic, self-execution


Developer tools, API generation,
DevOps, automated upshifts


Industry-specific process blueprints, communication standards, integration


NOUMENA’s tech stack with its advanced tooling allows for accelerated agile backend development and significantly more efficient sustainable operations and maintenance.

The technology is geared towards delivering true end-to-end process automation of complex multiparty business systems.


Our technology brings advanced enterprise-grade cloud solutions together with key advantages of distributed ledger technologies.

Vincent Peikert, Founder


NOUMENA technology
offers key features for
developing modern
enterprise and
ecosystem solutions.

Multi-partynative, independent of any DLT

Multi-party orchestration and authorization natively built into the NOUMENA Protocol Language. Context- and trigger-dependent execution and messaging.

Traceabilitynative, integrated in NOUMENA operating system

Automatic out-of-the box logs of all states of the systems, as well as changes to underlying smart protocols. Automated back tracing and generation of audit trails.

Data protectionnative, core design of NOUMENA Protocol Language

Full protection of all data through advanced encryption. Sensitive data embedded in multiparty protocols, enforcing strict need-to-know principle and full access history.

Reporting and analyticsnative, core NOUMENA tool kit

Extensive toolkit allowing for easily accessible and mutually agreed or shared data along with rapid generation of valuable and trustful analytics and reporting.

Key advantages of developing
software with the NOUMENA

Significantly faster backend prototyping and MVP

  • NOUMENA Protocol Language (“NPL”) and tooling allow for significantly accelerated backend prototyping and MVP development
  • NPL as one of the most advanced business process modelling languages allows to rapidly verify and falsify hypotheses in very short cycle times based on runnable code
  • Agile development, supported by UI scaffolding and automated DevOps

50-90% end-to-end process automation

  • Through systematic end-to-end process formalization in NPL, structured processes are strongly standardized and automated
  • Full specification in NPL of end-to-end processes significantly reduces operational risk, e.g. through clear and traceable access rights, permissions, prohibitions as well as associated logging

Industry-specific libraries and interfaces

  • NOUMENA libraries offer industry-specific process templates, allowing for acceleration of standard setting and cross-industry collaboration
  • Rapidly expanding integration layer for standard business applications and industry specific messaging protocols, e.g. EDIFACT or SWIFT