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NOUMENA Technology

Protocol parties capture fine-grained authorization (1)

Secure data and process orchestration made easy

NOUMENA users leverage the Platform's key capabilities for:  

  • Multi-party data and process orchestration
  • Web2-web3 workflow scheduling
  • Modelling of financial and energy products

Key NOUMENA Platform components

NOUMENA Protocols 

Noumena Protocol Language (NPL) is a programming language optimized to model multi-party protocols for business processes, logic, and data. These multi-party protocols –  "NOUMENA protocols" – keep data structures, process states, business rules, and party relationships together, freeing users from dealing with non-functional aspects.

NPL Runtime Environment

The NPL Runtime Environment provides full functionality for deploying and running NPL protocols in your environments and the context of our NOUMENA Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.

NOUMENA Development Kit 

The NOUMENA Development Kit provides a modern development environment with NPL-specific plugins and toolkits. It streamlines the process of creating NPL code through specification, coding, testing, debugging, and deployment, allowing developers to focus on creating innovative applications.


The NOUMENA GPT is an AI-powered coding assistant designed to co-generate NLP code. It is well-suited for users who are learning NPL as well as for seasoned developers who need to rapidly create blueprints for common business requirements. The tool will soon be made available to users who are subscribed to PaaS.


NOUMENA Platform features speed up the launch of modern ecosystem applications

Protocol-based modeling (1)

Protocol-based modeling

NOUMENA protocols define and automate secure and compliant multi-party processes.

Built-in security (1)

Built-in security 

Access to protocols is restricted down to the field level, ensuring fine-grained authorization.

embedded audit trails (1)

Embedded audit trails

Each protocol change is recorded and visible to authorized parties for convenient GDPR compliance. 

Secure p2p messaging (2)

Secure P2P messaging

Data is transferred and orchestrated between network participants on a strict need-to-know basis.


Auto-generated APIs

OpenAPI-specified APIs auto-generate during application deployment for easy integration.

Automated discoverability (2)

Automated discoverability

Network participants securely share capabilities and protocols for automated interaction with others.

The NOUMENA Platform leverages proven technologies

Discover the innovation power of our protocol technology