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NOUMENA Platform as a Service


Launch cloud-native systems in minutes

Our PaaS offering maximizes your productivity, allowing you to focus on what matters most — your business. 

With PaaS, you can launch a scalable IT application in a few simple steps. 

  1. Subscribe and start
    Visit your cloud provider's marketplace to subscribe in a few clicks
  2. Enhance your coding environment  
    Use NOUMENA's advanced development tools for streamlined coding, testing, and debugging 
  3. Implement your code
    Easily upload code created with NOUMENA development tools
  4. Add users 
    Use your preferred IAM system to add and manage users with ease
  5. Test your app 
    Use Postman or Swagger to test your application instantly
  6. Launch and scale
    Deploy your application to the cloud and scale effortlessly as your needs grow

Ready to get started? Ask us about support to make your onboarding process as easy as possible.


Access our protocol technology with the infrastructure of your choice

NOUMENA for Microsoft

Log in to NPL PaaS with your organization's Microsoft Azure account.

NOUMENA for Amazon

Coming soon

Log in to NPL PaaS with your organization's AWS account.

Available in H2-2024


Your NOUMENA, your cloud

If your organization has a different cloud provider or specific on-premise needs, let us know!

We will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. 


Maximize your innovation power with advanced tooling

NOUMENA Development Kit

Get the tools to streamline prototyping and development of NOUMENA Protocol Language.


Our coding assistant generates NOUMENA protocols for you, further accelerating your development time and flexibility. 

Supercharge your success with robust PaaS solutions