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PwC and NOUMENA Join Forces

PWC Germany and NOUMENA Digital launched a joint business relationship (JBR) to rethink the way businesses digitize and connect 

In a move to drive digital transformation across businesses, PwC Germany has partnered with Noumena Digital AG, a Switzerland-based tech company known for its connected IT enterprise software built on a unique business protocol technology. This partnership combines PwC's extensive regulatory compliance and industry expertise with Noumena's technological and implementation capabilities. Together, they aim to enable a range of practical applications through digital transformation, including data and process orchestration and the implementation of data and service access management and control systems.

Objective of the Partnership

The partnership combines the strengths of both organizations to simplify complex multi-party processes and improve compliance across sectors. Leveraging the Noumena Protocol Technology allows for a more efficient way to model and implement complex contracts, regulations, and business processes. The NOUMENA platform significantly simplifies the end-to-end digitization of business processes and provides the tooling for the rapid development and deployment of connected enterprise software. It combines the benefits of cloud-based software development with the advantages of distributed software approaches such as Web 3.0. Built by practitioners for practitioners, Noumena’s technology brings speed, efficiency, security, and scalability to modern ecosystem software development.

“By integrating Noumena’s unique protocol technology with PwC's deep-rooted expertise in regulatory compliance and industry-specific practices, we are set to unlock unprecedented efficiencies and innovation. This collaboration enhances our platform's capabilities and extends our reach, enabling us to empower more organizations to navigate their digital transformation journeys effectively”, says Vincent Peikert, CPO and Founder of NOUMENA.

Key Features of the Platform

A central feature of Noumena's technology is its approach to security and user-centricity: Noumena’s approach to multi-party orchestration natively allows for fine-grained and context-dependent authorization and execution. This, along with the automatic logging of all system states and changes, ensures continuous traceability and strong audit trail capabilities. Moreover, the platform ensures data privacy through industry-standard encryption, the ability to implement strict "Need-to-Know" principles, and the deletability of sensitive data.

Implications of the Partnership

The collaboration between PwC and Noumena focuses on enabling practical applications through digital transformation, including data and process orchestration—like data and service access management and control systems implementation—and developing Web2 and Web3 applications such as tokenization and stablecoins. This partnership also supports modeling underlying data and financial assets, setting a new standard for applying digital technologies in the financial sector.

“The financial sector is in a phase characterized by multiple transformations. Those who do not take a proactive approach to digital change now will pay a high price in the coming years. The partnership with NOUMENA, with its unique protocol technology and the entire team's expertise, has resulted in solutions that precisely address this issue. They enable fast and efficient implementation of digital approaches in the financial sector,” says Konstantin Dagianis, Financial Services Partner at PwC Germany.