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Enterprise software for a connected world

NOUMENA provides the technology for building highly secure, scalable, and privacy-focused software that dynamically integrates with enterprise systems and services across network boundaries

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Written by practitioners, for practitioners

Our AI-supported framework enables businesses to rapidly develop modern applications, significantly reducing time-to-market and effort-to-market.

Innovate at every stage of the business journey


Accelerate innovation

Drive innovation faster and at a fraction of the cost by using a user-centric protocol approach.


Focus on your business

Collaborate to build applications that fit your business needs we have taken care of the rest. 


Create without boundaries

Unlock your creativity by leveraging battle-tested platform and tools for precise authorization, security, logging, connectivity, deployment, and more.


Pioneer new frontiers

Gain the technological edge in designing and delivering protocol-based business applications for your customers. 

Rethink software development with NOUMENA

Developer icon (3)
Business as Code
Atomistic protocols capture business processes for customized product development.
Natively connected
Open API specs expose endpoints and discover protocols across networks.
digital transformation (2)
Infrastructure as Code
The system provides automated infrastructure for deployment, monitoring, and operations.
Secure p2p messaging (4)
Rich business data streaming 
Asynchronous multi-service message communication allows for efficient, secure exchanges. 
user-centric (1)
User-Centric Authorization
Fine-grained authorization connects verified users to services and puts them in control of their data.
Built-in security (2)
Security by design 
Native messaging, security, auditability, logging, data deletion are available out of the box.

Innovative companies choose NOUMENA

The Cornerstone of Innovation

"NOUMENA's technology has proven to be the foundational element of our stablecoin application, surpassing our expectations with its advanced business protocol technology. Their commitment to innovation has been essential to the success of our ongoing partnership."

André Wolke
André Wolke
Head Technology | Swiss Stablecoin

A First Mover's Secret Weapon

"NOUMENA's 'can-do' attitude helped CKW quickly deploy our MVP, which was critical to gaining a first-mover advantage.  NOUMENA is the ideal technology partner for staying ahead of the competition."

Christoph Häne
Christoph Haene
Head of Customer Business Applications | CKW

The Scalability Solution for Blockchain

"Leveraging NOUMENA's protocol technology as a bridge between the Cardano blockchain and enterprise software needs for data privacy and scalability has advanced the Cardano Foundation's mission to drive innovation."

Sandro Knöpfel
Sandro Knöpfel
Head of Financial & Regulated Institutions | Cardano Foundation

Build your business on secure, decentralized software