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Build scalable enterprise solutions with cloud-based smart contract technology

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Build everything from standalone applications to entire, decental business ecosystems

NOUMENA is developing the technology to build next-generation distributed enterprise software. The NOUMENA platform is the foundation of a new software development paradigm allowing clients to digitalize and automate complex multiparty processes to accelerate innovation and build of new ecosystem business models.

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Our technology brings advanced enterprise-grade
cloud solutions together with key advantages of
off-chain smart contracts.


    Built scalability and performance relying on industry standard software components


    Automates away all non-functional and infrastructural complexities in software development


    Builds on the largest existing and most successful decentral structure of the planet: the internet


    Dynamically connects verified users to services and puts users in control of their data


Build with NOUMENA for a faster, more secure approach to software development

Develop 10x Faster

Focus soley on business logic, while persistence, security, and APIs are automated for you.

Minimize DevOps Costs

Deploy your system in seconds with autogenerated APIs on your preferred infrastructure.

Halve Integration Costs

Seamlessly connect to your customers’ and suppliers’ systems, with automatic detection and integration.

No GDPR Headaches

Seamlessly exchange business data across systems with secure, GDPR-compliant, protocol-based authorization.


We are proud to collaborate with industry leaders

The Advisory House

Leading management consulting company to the European energy industry

KI Group

International digital business building and technology company

NTT Data

International IT integration and operations specialist

P3 Group

Independent and international process consulting and digital services company


Independent advisory and consulting firm

MVP Factory

One-stop shop for software design, UI/UX and execution


Provider of software solutions, native apps and DevOps


IT provider for energy, public sector, and industrial companies.


Provider for IT projects and holistic automation

Deutsche Invest
Capital Partners

Privately held alternative asset manager


Giving enterprises back their strategic flexibility


Jointly with our customers, we built a production grade software platform for new decentralized energy products and services

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Financial Services

Together with our customers, we focus on comprehensively modeling digital assets and liabilities including their often complex obligation structures, along with their full life-cycling and servicing processes.

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Real Estate

For the real estate sector the NOUMENA spin-off beeboard leverages the NOUMENA technology stack to model and orchestrate inter-company multi-party processes

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