Superior technology for multi-party enterprise software


Superior technology for multi-party enterprise software

We are developing a superior technology and approach to develop the next generation of enterprise software. We provide our business customers with the platform and methodology to design, build and ship modern enterprise applications faster and with a focus on business values. Our technology is based on the fundamental principles of formal business protocols and on advanced concepts of distributed networks. This allows businesses to build solutions with full control over the self-executing business logic whilst embracing the full complexity of modern multi-party ecosystems.

We are a group of highly experienced software and business engineers. Every day, we strive to further develop cutting-edge technology and solutions that address real-world needs. We aspire to fundamentally rethink software development, technologically and in practice. We don’t believe in adding layers and layers of tools and workflows on top of legacy systems but rely on our operating system to solve the digitalization challenge at its root: digitalizing the underlying multi-party contracts, procedures or processes with its derived business logic and information flow with all its complexity and context dependence.

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Leadership Team

Juerg Kaeppeli

CEO, Co-owner

PhD Theoretical Physics, Partner McKinsey & Company, Managing Director Group Strategic Projects Credit Suisse Group

Vincent Peikert

CPO, Founder

PhD Computational Science, Founder and CPO AlgoSwiss AG, Founder and CEO Elevence Digital Finance, Head Product Digital Asset

Sandra Daub


PhD Psychology,
Managing Partner Gartner Group,
Head Product Management Crealogix

Sandy McPherson


MSc Bio Medical Engineering, Senior Developer eBay Classifieds, Senior Developer Deloitte Digital

Board of Directors

Christian Casal

Johannes Höhener

Juerg Käppeli

Vincent Peikert

Rüdiger Schmid-Kühnhöfer